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Hi, Ricky!
I know, from experience, that PSP 5 can be very overwhelming. So, I surfed the net, and came up with a few good websites that demonstrates just what you can do with it, some with directions, some without. Here's links to some of them:
- I realize that chances are you're not a skating fan, but you've got to see this site. It is so incredible! Really helpful if you're thinking of building a webpage. Anyway, her graphics are top-quality, if you ask me.

I'm sure there's more sites, but you can find them at the pspusersgroup. And don't forget to check the plugins out. Really neat!!

I've been on the Internet for quite awhile yesterday, because I was trying to make an easy follow-the-steps guide kind of thing. Well, it didn't exactly work out, so I guess I have to think of something else.

I've been toying with PSP 5 for quite awhile now, and the only thing I really know how to do is kinda combine the pictures that you already have, and make a somewhat neat background pic. This is what I have so far:
I made this from three files:

Now you can really tell that I'm addicted to skating and G&G, huh?
My sisters call me obsessed. :o)

They're basically same except for the lettering. I made the first one for my own desktop pic, then the second one to use as the background for my webpages. I actually put those up here.

Well, anyway, I don't know about other stuff, but making these are easy -- well, somewhat.
I guess these can apply to your logo thing for your bgrnd, also. Well, just follow these: they're really simple.
*I'm assuming that these all have dark, if not black, bgrnd. If not, then it's somewhat difficult.*
You open one of the pics. Depending on how many graphics you're going to put on one big one, you can decide the size (in pixels) of pic opened. For example, I only used three in mine. So I made the width for them all equal to 500. I think.
You go to Images, resize. Then, you just put a value in either width, or height. Just one. Only, make sure the box labeled "Maintain aspect ratio of ... to 1" is checked.
Then, on the toolbar on the left, 7th one from the top is something that looks like a piece of rope. Click on that, then roughly draw a line around the part of the pic that you want to use on your main graphic. Make sure the line isn't touching any part of the pic. Go to Edit, Copy.
Go to File, New.
Image Dimentions: Width=800, Height=600, resolution=72, Background Color=Black (or whatever bgrnds of most of your pics are), Image type: =16.7 million.
Just below the menu Capture, you should see an icon with two boxes (one red, one bluish) overlapping. Click on that, and you should see a Layers menu. Click on the "new" layer thing -- blank piece of paper icon at the lower left.
Click okay.
You should have a "Layer 1" on top of "Background". On a layer, you can do whatever you want -- and it won't affect anything in the other layers. But, after you save the graphic, close it, then open it again, the layers are just all merged into background layer. So, you can't change anything with the layers again.
Click on Edit, Paste, As New Selection.
Position the pic to the place you want to paste on. If the background of your pic is not the same color as the bgrnd of the main graphic, then click on flood fill. Then click on Control Palette from the same place where you opened the layer palette. Set tolerance to 10, Fill Style=Solid Color, Opacity=100, then flood fill the bgrnd. If tolerance 10 isn't doing the trick, then try using tolerance=15, or maybe 20.
You repeat the entire process, including the new layer, until you're finished with all the pics. Then, on the layer palette, make sure all layers are visible, except the bgrnd. Then, right-click on one of the visible layers. Choose Merge, Merge Visible. That should flatten all your layers into one. Then, next to the visibility toggle thing, there's an opacity thing. I would make that equal to somewhere between 41 to 49. It would kinda lighten it. If you don't want to do that, you don't have to, though. Then, you just add the letters -- if you want to. That should be pretty obvious, so you can do that yourself. :o)

I'm currently working on another pic where, instead of Katia & Sergei (the skaters on the pic), I'm only using pics with Katia alone. If you're not familiar with the story of Gordeeva & Grinkov, I would love to get into details for that, but it's 10:02 PM, and I have to look at the Scarlett Letter to make sure I don't forget anything for that test tomorrow.
So, Maybe next time. Or, I could do it in Chemistry or something. I kinda know it by heart. :o)
I know, I know. Obsessed. I know.
Well, either way, see you tomorrow!

PS Do you like my little stars? Took me forever to get that working!!